Same Waste.
New look. 

Waste Creative

Adding some colour, fun and personality to a world-class digital agency.

Project involved:
Branding - Creds - Website

Role: Art direction & design
Agency: Waste Creative
Copy: Andrew Bentham


Project summary

Waste are a creative agency based in Farringdon, specialising in all things digital.

After 10 years, the agency had built up a real appetite for bigger and better projects and campaigns. 

However, the agency website was in need of a refresh. I was responsible for curating the content of each project; including creating scamps, video, and visuals. 

Each project was broken down into long scrollable case studies. Covering the Ask, Answer and Results.

Collaborating with the lead developer. We incorporated slick animations and transitions to make the content-heavy site easy to browse.

The project was designed and built, in a record time, of three weeks.


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