Keeping sixth-form social

Girls Day School Trust

A national campaign to help sixth formers learn, without limits. 

gds-6sheets copy

Art Direction


Agency: Bandstand
CopyL Will Miles
Design: Ioana Bejenaru
Photographer: Mollie Rose
DOP: Kezia Quracoo
Post prod: Envy

My role: Concept, art direction & design


GDST (Girl’s Day School Trust) tasked us to help them attract new students to Sixth Form, or retain students already at GDST.

I was involved in the pitch and then went on to lead the campaign's creative direction.

To understand the real barriers to entry, we spoke to the girls themselves. We undertook group workshops and interviews with mixed, single-sex, grammar, comprehensive and private schools.

We learned the two things that the girls wanted most from Sixth Form or college, was to belong to a group of like-minded people and to be well-equipped for the world of work.

We matched these key requirements, to benefits found at GDST Sixth Forms. This informed our campaign headline and proposition: “One of a kind, part of the family.” 

Casting real Sixth Formers, we were able to tell authentic stories and portray their own GDST family.

The campaign revolved around each girls' unique stories, their opinions and their experiences of life at Sixth Form. We knew these stories would inspire other prospective students.

The campaign was executed across multiple assets; film, static images, social media, website and OOH.


Social-first teasers  linked through to each girl's story, housed on a campaign microsite.

gdst-website copy
gdst-stories copy

Our thorough research and casting meant all our visuals captured genuine sisterhood between real GDST Sixth Former's

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