Around the clock content

The National Lottery

World-class social content, with record-beating engagement for an Olympic sponsor.


Art Direction

Agency: Waste Creative
Copy: Andrew Bentham
Creative Direction: Louis Clement

My role: Creative, art direction & design


In the summer of 2016, we were asked to create exciting and informative content, that celebrated the great work that The National Lottery does for TeamGB.

We devised two social campaigns. And a big overhaul of TNL's social channels during the big games. I was responsible for leading, directing, and creating all the content throughout the campaigns.

The campaign performed better than any previous TNL campaign. In fact, the content helped TNL earn the number one spot as "the most mentioned brand" during the 2016 Olympics. It gained more than 20,000 mentions, almost three times more than other sponsors including Nissan and Visa.

Countdown to Rio
In anticipation of the big games, we wanted to show how TNL helps fund Team GB. We converted dry data into interesting facts - using short animations, bespoke illustrations and kinetic typography to bring the stats to life.

You made it possible
A reactive social idea that celebrated the best performances or athletes in real-time.

By partnering with Getty, we got our hands on live-action shots, as they were happening. We aimed to deliver animated content, that heroed the best stories, in only a few hours of it happening. 

My creative partner and I were responsible for choosing the story, writing copy, and setting art direction for each post - all in real-time. We then used 2.5 parallax to bring each image static to life. 


Working with Getty we featured live-action shots of Team GB as they were happening in Rio. 


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